Recommendation: Hair Stylist in Fukuoka

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If you live in Kitakyushu city, Hakata/Fukuoka, or Fukuoka prefecture, I have a recommendation for a hair stylist. Yasu’s friendly face is well-known to many foreigners, and Japanese people, in the region. He runs Nakamura Biyoushitu, or Nakamura’s Modern Beauty Salon, and has lived and worked in New York City. He often returns there and does other traveling to style hair for photo shoots.

I’ve had a lot of good hair stylists in my life, but none better than Yasu. He is a natural talent at hair with a diverse background working in his field. He is very good at determining what colors and hair styles suit different people, and I have never met a stylist who pays more attention to detail than him; he makes sure every strand is perfect. Plus, he speaks excellent English, is extremely friendly, kind, personable, and stylish, his prices are reasonable, and his gorgeous shop is decorated with interesting antiques he’s picked up in his travels.

I highly recommend him, and as I prepare to leave the country, I know that I will truly miss going to his shop: the conversation, relaxing atmosphere, and superb styling. If you are looking to get your hair done and can make it to Tenjin in Fukuoka, go see him. His website is or you can call 092-741-7415 and make an appointment in English.


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